"We need a new diversity-not one based on biological characteristics and identity politics but a diversity of opinion and worldviews."

~Ayaan Hirsi Ali

A Coaching and Education Resource

Although I've retired from university coaching and the USA Girls U-18 team, my interest remains in the coaching and academic world.  My goal is for this site to be a resource of information and thought-provoking opinions that will assist you in becoming a better teacher and coach.

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I've become an avid reader of pretty much anything that is in front of me. In this section of the website, I'll recommend material that you might find compelling. It might be a book, an article, or a video that I find thought-provoking. If anything that I suggest provides you with some new perspectives and somehow enriches your life then I'm pleased.

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JS Consulting Newsletter 5/19/22

New Stuff This Week JS Consulting Blog Post – This week, we focus on teaching forearm passing and some thoughts as to how we might make some changes that will positively impact performance. The velocity of the serve and attack is putting a lot of pressure on the passers. Some changes in technique might be in order. READ MORE…

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Being Balanced More Important Than Being Stopped When Passing

I spent much of my early coaching days preaching to my athletes to be stopped when passing or defending. As with many of my earlier coaching cues, I’ve reshaped what I value in both serve-receive and defense. In recent years, the increased velocity of the serve and attack places a lot of pressure on the…

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JS Consulting Newsletter 5/5/22

New Stuff This Week Quote of the Week – “Our level of improvement often has much less to do with our innate limits than with what we consider an acceptable level of performance.” ~Bill Stainton, 29-time Emmy Award Winner Blog Post This Week: One of the things that drive me crazy is when coaching is the off-speed…

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Featured Video- The Commencement Speech by Admiral William McRaven at the University of Texas

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