"We need a new diversity-not one based on biological characteristics and identity politics but a diversity of opinion and worldviews."

~Ayaan Hirsi Ali

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Although I've retired from university coaching and the USA Girls U-18 team, my interest remains in the coaching and academic world.  My goal is for this site to be a resource of information and thought-provoking opinions that will assist you in becoming a better teacher and coach.

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I've become an avid reader of pretty much anything that is in front of me. In this section of the website, I'll recommend material that you might find compelling. It might be a book, an article, or a video that I find thought-provoking. If anything that I suggest provides you with some new perspectives and somehow enriches your life then I'm pleased.

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Athletes Need Their Coach

By no means would I consider myself a fan of figure skating. However, I am a fan of any sport that demonstrates athleticism, grace, and dedication to excellence. Recently, I watched a video of 15-year old figure skater Kamila Valieva. She displayed a remarkable skating performance that had the announcers gushing, “I’m speechless,” and established…

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What Volleyball Coaches Can Learn from Steph Curry

In a previous post titled Moneyball vs. Betterball, the idea of using statistics to improve skills instead of solely measuring outcomes is presented. In the post, I pointed out how the University of Virginia used the Noah Tracking System to provide feedback to the players as they worked on their shooting accuracy. A recent WSJ…

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Mandatory Ongoing Certification for Club Coaches?

Club volleyball coaches significantly impact the volleyball futures of thousands of aspiring athletes. Like most professional endeavors, the quality of coaching depends on the training and preparation the coach receives. If a coach is prepared for success, the results will usually be positive. I read a recently concluded study with compelling conclusions about the effectiveness…

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Featured Video- MasterCoaches Talk with Pittsburgh Head Coach Dan Fisher and Mississippi State Head Coach Julie Darty Dennis

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