"We need a new diversity-not one based on biological characteristics and identity politics but a diversity of opinion and worldviews."

~Ayaan Hirsi Ali

A Coaching and Education Resource

Although I've retired from university coaching and the USA Girls U-18 team, my interest remains in the coaching and academic world.  My goal is for this site to be a resource of information and thought-provoking opinions that will assist you in becoming a better teacher and coach.

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I've become an avid reader of pretty much anything that is in front of me. In this section of the website, I'll recommend material that you might find compelling. It might be a book, an article, or a video that I find thought-provoking. If anything that I suggest provides you with some new perspectives and somehow enriches your life then I'm pleased.

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Clayton Kershaw, Tunneling and Developing an Effective Serve Strategy

I am developing an affinity for baseball. Other than the normal Little League play growing up, I’ve never followed the game too closely. This newfound interest is the direct result of listening to the baseball announcers analyze the strategies, offer insights, and make predictions about the events on the field. Their expertise allows a novice…

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Five Coaching Assumptions That Might Not Be Accurate

I don’t believe any coach intentionally coaches with full knowledge that their methods might be inefficient or may not lead to quality learning and consistent improvement on the part of the athletes. Although their heart may be in the right place, it is not unusual for coaches to operate under false assumptions that will negatively…

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Mental Health and “Doing the Next Right Thing”

In recent years, the mental health of athletes has been in the limelight. Gymnast Simone Biles, tennis player Naomi Osaka, swimmer Michael Phelps and countless other athletes have exhibited tremendous leadership in expressing concern about this aspect of athlete development and performance. Athletes and coaches are on the front lines of dealing with stress and…

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Featured Video- The Art of Coaching-National Team Coach, Karch Kiraly Talks About Passing

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