JS Consulting Newsletter 5/19/22

New Stuff This Week

JS Consulting Blog Post – This week, we focus on teaching forearm passing and some thoughts as to how we might make some changes that will positively impact performance. The velocity of the serve and attack is putting a lot of pressure on the passers. Some changes in technique might be in order. READ MORE

I Love These Ball Carts! When I was helping at Mintonette this past club season, they used these ball carts from Molten—highly recommended! Most clubs struggle with storage space in their facility. You can collapse and stack these carts. They hold plenty of volleyballs.  I’m not sure of the cost, but worth checking out!

Gene Smith, Ohio State Athletic Director, Talks NIL – The ability for college athletes to market themselves is changing the face of collegiate athletics. I’m not sure if the changes are for the good or bad. In this extended video Q&A, Smith discusses the NIL landscape. Link to the Video

Finding That Leader on Your Team – I’m not sure if this is good news or not? “While we tend to think of leaders as people who share important ideas, leadership may boil down to whoever “babbles” the most. Understanding the connection between how much people speak and how they become perceived as leaders is key to growing our knowledge of group dynamics.” This article details what goes into identifying a potential leader. READ MORE

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Mike Krzyzewski was young, unproven, inexperienced, and terrified when his boss summoned him early one morning in January 1984. He thought he was getting fired. How many coaches have experienced this emotion? Thankfully for all of us, Krzyzewski was not fired and went on to be one of the finest coaches in history, regardless of the sport. READ MORE

Free Pre-K Educational Opportunities Has to Be Beneficial, Right? Not so fast! A Vanderbilt University study has shown that low-income children who attended a state-sponsored pre-K program fared worse in sixth grade than similar children who didn’t. READ MORE

My book, A Game Plan for Better Practices, is now part of the AVCA membership renewal process. When you join or renew your membership to the AVCA, put the book in your cart. 

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