Fund Students Instead of School Systems

This is an interesting article that focuses on school funding and how the model might change to benefit families. In a nutshell, restructures how money is spent and where the money goes. Would the children benefit if money was sent directly to the families, thereby providing them some control as to the academic choices available to their children? They could use the money to select a private school, a charter school, or a homeschool. In essence, our academic system would become competitive, both in terms of academic offerings, but also the environment for prospective students.

“If a Walmart stays closed, you can take your money elsewhere. If a public school doesn’t reopen, you should similarly be able to take your children’s education dollars elsewhere. In fact, even if your school does reopen, you should still be able to take your children’s education dollars elsewhere, because the money is for educating the child, not protecting a government monopoly.”

This article definitely encourages creative thought as to the future of the public education system.