Coaches Journal 6.7.23

“The difficulty lies not in the new ideas but in escaping the old ones.”

~ John Maynard Keynes

Eleonora Lo Bianco (ITA) sets

Blog Post This Week – We dive into the essential components of attacking with the middle hitter. Specifically, I do a video analysis of attacking the “1” and “31” sets. Next week, I’ll do a similar analysis of the mechanics of running a slide attack. READ MORE

A Roster of Blog Posts – In case you might have missed a blog post that could be of interest, at the bottom of this newsletter, I’ve compiled a roster of all blog posts listed by title, general topic, and a link to the post. I hope this will be a benefit if you’ve missed past postings. The listing is a six-page roster in PDF format. Hover over the first page, and you be able to enlarge and scroll through the topics.

MasterCoaches Video of the Week – The guest of the MasterCoaches this week is Doug Beal, former CEO of the USAV. Doug discusses a myriad of topics, both domestically and internationally. Link to the Interview

The Madness That Is Name, Image, and Likeness

Wow! Things are happening fast on this front; from my perspective, none of it is good.

NIL Disappointment-Part 1

The State Assembly of California approved a bill that mandates universities in the state to allocate all new athletic revenue generated by sports like football and basketball towards compensating players. This move could pave the way for players to receive a sizable share of tens of millions of dollars annually and has raised concerns among college sports officials nationwide. Under the proposed legislation, payments to players will be determined by a formula that allocates half of the money for male athletes and the other half for female athletes each year. The funds will then be divided equally among players in programs that generate revenue beyond the 2021-2022 baseline, after deducting the cost of players’ scholarships. This development was reported by the Wall Street Journal. READ MORE

One can be assured that if California passes this bill, the other states will quickly follow. California is also considering making their athletes “employees.” Such a move will make the athletes able to go on strike, file for workman’s compensation, etc. Not possible? READ MORE

NIL Disappointment-Part 2

Should a loyal donor contribute funds to the overall budget of an athletic department that will benefit all male or female athletes or designate their financial support for a specific initiative that guarantees the star quarterback remains at our school? Unfortunately, resources and facility upgrades for non-revenue sports may not receive the same level of priority as football facilities and funding for NIL.

“Name, Image, and Likeness funding come from a similar source of facility funding. I mean, that’s the reality of it. It’s not a secret. So, we have to go in this with our eyes open and make priority decisions regarding the flow of funding for priority.” ~John Cohen, Auburn Athletic Director. READ MORE

It will not be long before the current collegiate sports model will be unrecognizable. I wouldn’t expect too much assistance from the federal government. Those folks can’t agree on what day it is.

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That’s all for this week. I hope the summer is off to a fantastic start for everyone.


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