Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking

“Quiet,” by Susan Cain, is a book that I wish was written thirty years ago for the very selfish reason it would have made me a better coach. Even though the book is not written for coaches, there are so many coaching nuggets that would have impacted every aspect of how I interacted with players of all personalities, especially those who tend to be introverted. Author Susan Cain, by her admission, is an introvert. “Quiet” is a meticulously researched study of introverts, who constitute one-third to one-half of the population. There is no reason to assume one’s team will deviate from this number. As a coach, if 30%-50% of your team has introverted tendencies, it will serve you well to understand better and work with a group capable of contributing successfully in any capacity, including leadership and decision-making. I cannot recommend this book highly enough for coaches of all levels.