When NBA Coaches Go Looking For Wisdom, They Call a Division II Coach

I recently read an article in the Wall Street Journal about how NBA coaches Brad Stevens (Boston Celtics), and Erik Spoelstra (Miami Heat) seek out a  Division II basketball coach to learn more about the game. Jim Crutchfield, head basketball coach at Nova Southeastern in Fort Lauderdale, is a source of information for some of the best basketball minds in the world. I began to wonder how many of the more successful coaches in volleyball would seek out a successful Div II or III coach to improve their coaching acumen. My best guess is not many. In the pre-pandemic years, I would go down to Metro State University in Denver to watch their annual tournament, which would bring together some of the top Division II programs in the country. Having spent my career at Ohio State, I never had the opportunity to watch D-II volleyball. I was thoroughly impressed with the level of play. The only difference was that instead of being a 6’2″ hitter, they were 5’11”. However, they could play!! Good passing and good defense. I came away very impressed. Like Stevens and Spoelstra, volleyball coaches might seek out good coaches to improve their game regardless of the level?? Link to WSJ