The Life of Leonardo Da Vinci

I’m a huge fan of the books written by Walter Isaacson. One of my all-time favorite books is The Wise Men, which chronicles the lives of six diplomats as they reconstructed the world after World War II. The Isaacson book I’m currently loving is a biography of Leonardo Da Vinci. Of course, Da Vinci was talented and brilliant. What Isaacson details are the personality of Da Vinci and the traits that made him a genius. Da Vinci possessed an insatiable curiosity. He would study the seemingly mundane items for hours. How wings would operate on birds, or how water would flow. Then, the ability to extrapolate these smaller concepts into grander schemes, such as is there a way that man can fly? The way Da Vinci combined science and art was astonishingly detailed and accurate. Isaacson’s book is not a novel, it is a study of a genius and the personality components that enabled the genius to come to the surface. Highly recommended as a great way to take your mind off your team during the fall season.