Interesting Articles

I recommend a couple of articles that resonated with me.

Texas QB Casey Thompson Using NIL Money for a Good Cause– University of Texas quarterback is using the recently passed NCAA legislation allowing players to use their Name, Image, and Likeness for income. He is charging $50 for a video shout-out. He is donating the proceeds to, a non-profit established to feed hungry kids. “Most importantly, all the proceeds will got to,” Thompson said in a video on his Cameo profile page via The Spun. “That’s an organization that helps bridge the gap between the one in every six Americans that go hungry every year. As many as 13 million children in America could go hungry this year, and I’m happy to donate all the proceeds to the organization.”  I freely admit I’m not much of a Longhorn fan, but athletes like Thompson might change my attitude

Here’s Why You Need More Bad Ideas– This article by author Seth Godin is about the benefits of starting with small ideas that serve as a platform for building better ideas. Sometimes coaches are guilty of wanting to change a technique or a system but hit a roadblock and retreat to their comfort zone. Godin encourages all to avoid being judgemental of an initial effort. Just keep building on a bad idea, and soon, something positive will emerge.

MLB Owners, Wake Up!  I’m not a huge baseball fan. I enjoy the game, but my inside baseball knowledge is lacking. This article is a rant about the state of the game and how home runs and pitching controversies are overtaking the fundamentals of the game.

Chris Paul Played on the Junior Varsity; Now He’s in the NBA Finals – A WSJ article on how NBA star Chris Paul developed his leadership abilities by playing on the junior varsity in high school rather than the varsity team.