Thomas Sowell-A Maverick

I highly recommend a fascinating book by Jason Riley chronicling the life of Thomas Sowell. For those not familiar with Sowell, he is a brilliant thinker that began his career as a teacher, a writer, and a Marxist, only to evolve as one of the leading conservative commentators of our time. This book is listed as a biography, but very little time is spent on Sowell’s upbringing. Most of the book devotes itself to a study of how Sowell has evolved as an independent thinker that is very unafraid of putting his thoughts into the arena for critique. Sowell’s passion was as a teacher of Economics; however, the structure of academia was frustrating for him and led to his departure from education. He turned his focus to writing and speaking on various subjects, especially the current focus on identity politics. Sowell does not buy into the narrative of the day. He actually takes the time to support his opinions with data.

There is no question that Thomas Sowell is one tough dude unafraid to opine on the very tough subject matter of the day. I would encourage all to take the time to read a wonderful study of a man of great substance.